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released January 13, 2014

All songs written and performed by Station(s) except Clench the Rope and Hidden Devils, written by Station(s) and Mike Young.

Recorded by Bud Carroll at Trackside Studios.
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Mastering.
Drums sponsored by



all rights reserved


Station(s) Huntington, West Virginia

Nick Adkins-Guitar/Vocals

Mike Fizer-Guitar/Vocals

Josh Pritchard-Drums

Patrick Stanley-Vocals/Bass

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Track Name: End of Watch
The path is paved with years of scum,
but you're afraid to get your feet wet.
We hide it; you take it. You lose it; we fake it,
and everything just comes undone.

When justice takes a backseat (and it seems like the damage is done)
so you can get the numbers you need,
the real problems linger unsolved, (and the burden is just not on one)
while you climb another rung.

Those flashing lights don't mean a thing.
That shiny badge don't mean a thing.

We've got an answer for the rats that bring us down.
Track Name: Clench the Rope
We live in a society with no class.
Only in America can we sell these things.
Teach kids to be animals, bigots and thieves.
Clench the rope tightly as we drift away.

I wont' be there when you're calling,
cos where were those hands when I was falling?

All this precious deliberating
in a series of mocks debating.
I won't be there when you're calling;
where were those hands when I was falling?

And you clench the rope again.

Are you righteous? More righteous than me?
Track Name: Floodwall
As the barges rust on the banks of the Ohio,
watching the downward spiral repeat itself,
the gray skyline's seen ambitions that come and go:
the fledgling industry of years gone past.

We asked for change, but did it work?
Did we trade tradition for the newest trend?
(Better to let go and start from scratch. Better to let go.)

So take up arms and we'll go to the fat-giving stores
we use to clog our arteries and keep us on the down and out.
We're gonna let 'em know that when push comes to shove
it's gonna be a long trip upriver.

It's better to let go than start from scratch.
Track Name: Hidden Devils
I'm owning up that my heart can't stay true.
I can't create perfect, but in the end it's never worth it.
You tip the glass and I follow through.
Last call is getting closer and I am only getting older.

But with time comes sense,
(but with time comes sense)
and these bottles make myths of the man I really am.
And with lies comes shame.
(and with lies comes shame)
These bridges will keep burning til I've finally found peace in my mind.

Too tired to fight, might just cave in.
It's like sinking ships surrounding with no one there to save me.
You call my addiction a sin,
but it's never tasted better; my addiction's worth the hassle.

You were wrong.